While saving a New Mutant from two Russian bounty hunters who work for The GSA, Brennan is hit by a blast of an unknown weapon, which can kill him in a short time. Meanwhile, a teenager wants to sell his father and stepsister (both New Mutants) to Eckhart. 

Character AppearencesEdit

Main Cast-

Jesse KilmartinForbes March

Shalimar FoxVictoria Pratt

Emma DeLauroLauren Lee Smith

Brennan MulwrayVictor Webster

Adam KaneJohn Shea


Mason Eckhart - Tom McCamus

SonyaDylan Bierk

Yuri Alexander Pervakov

Daniel BenedictRoss Hull 

Season 1Edit

Preceeded by- I Scream the Body Electric(Part 2)

Followed by- Fool for Love

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