Emma DeLauro comes in contact with a secret group named Mutant X, which is a team of New Mutants and led by Adam Kane, a scientist who created the New Mutants. Meanwhile a secret agency, The GSA, led by Adam's old friend and now enemy Mason Eckhart, is created to deal with these New Mutants.

Character AppearencesEdit

Main Cast

Jesse KilmartinForbes March

Shalimar FoxVictoria Pratt

Emma DeLauroLauren Lee Smith

Brennan MulwrayVictor Webster

Adam KaneJohn Shea

Guest Cast

Mason EckhartTom McCamus

Frank ThorneDouglas O'Keeffe

RubyChuck Byrn

Season 1Edit

Preceeded by- N/A

Followed By- I Scream the Body Electric(Part 2)

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